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MAP//Pro Torches

Premium and professional torches are engineered to professional standards
and fused with consumer comfort.

MagTorch’s® premium and professional torches handle your heaviest duty jobs. While these torches can be used with both MAP//Pro™ and propane fuels their top performance is achieved when paired with MAP//Pro. These torches output higher heat to tackle larger jobs like soft soldering of copper pipes over ¾”, brazing work, and heating larger work pieces. MAP//Pro will complete a smaller job faster reach for your premium or professional series torch from MagTorch®. The most efficient and highest output premium and professional torches feature our Silver Swirl™ flame technology.

Traditional – Premium

  • MT 245

Self Lighting - Premium

  • MT 551 C
  • MT 551 CK
  • MT 555 C
  • MT 555 CK
  • MT 560 C

Self Lighting - Professional

  • MT 565 C
  • MT 565 CK
  • MT 575 C
  • MT 579 C
  • MT 579 PRO

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