Why is my torch so hard to light?

Most torches light better when the valve is just cracked open and there is light gas flow, then fully open the valve when using the torch. This is a multi-dimensional question, with a few things to troubleshoot. When looking at a torch igniter that is not working, there are 3 components to consider: Is there a spark? Is there a flow of fuel? What is the cleanliness of the torch tip and tube?

Troubleshooting the Igniter

For instant on/off or automatic ignition torches:

  1. Open the valve of your fuel cylinder
  2. Unscrew the torch tip
  3. Press igniter to see if there is a spark

If Yes: Replace tip and skip to Fuel

If No: Try the remaining troubleshooting steps, and if still no spark, contact Customer Care or email MagTorch@WorthingtonIndustries.com

For manual ignition torches:

  1. Open the valve of your fuel cylinder so there is a light flow of gas
  2. Use a lighter or spark lighter at the tip of the torch to ignite the flow of gas

Troubleshooting the Fuel Cylinder

  1. Check the black safety cap: Has it been removed prior to attaching your torch? *This should be removed prior to use
  2. Does your cylinder have fuel in it?
  3. Is your torch properly attached? *The torch should be lightly threaded on, and not over tightened or cross-threaded
  4. Is the valve open?
  5. Are you using the correct fuel for your torch?

If all of these are true, proceed to Cleanliness.

Troubleshooting Cleanliness

  1. Does the tip and tube appear to be free of debris?

If No: If there is debris in the tip and/or tube, this can easily be cleaned with either:

  1. An Air Compressor: to simply blow the debris free of the tip and tube
  2. Or with a soft pipe cleaner threaded through the tip and tube to gently clear debris. *Using any other item such as a brush etc. will likely damage the ignition wires or the swirl fan inside some types of torches.

If Yes: Contact Customer Care or email MagTorch@WorthingtonIndustries.com as this may be a larger issue such as a pressure fault.